Friday, October 27, 2006

Finley, Carrier, Licona, Habermas on the IG show

This radio segment isn’t nearly quite so insightful as one might expect from the names involved.  Alas, the conversation was lightly moderated and rarely focused, and Richard Carrier did not manage to ask all of the pointed questions which he had prepared for the broadcast.  As a result, the two apologists covered more-or-less the same ground that they always do, and rarely took the opportunity to dig deeper.   Worse yet, they derailed the conversation a few times to discuss such sideline issues, such as what precisely Herodotus wrote about Zalmoxis.  Alas!

All things considered, you may safely skip this broadcast, unless you are completely new to Christian apologetics and hope to hear an overview of the minimal facts model advocated by Habermas and his young apprentice. 


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