Saturday, April 11, 2009

Carr vs. Cole on the radio (UK)

In this episode of Unbelievable, we hear from atheist blogger Steven Carr and Canon Michael Cole on the topic of whether Jesus rose from the dead. We also hear from any number of ignorant Britons who call in to broadcast their lack of understanding on the medium wave radio.

Unless you are a sadist (like myself) bound and determined to listen to every debate on this topic, I'd advise you to move on right now. This debate consisted primarily of the skeptic noting that the early epistles do not seem to have any notion of a physical (rather than merely spiritual) resurrection and empty tomb, while the cleric repeats over and over that you have the take the New Testament as a whole. Really, I just summed up the entire first hour of the show. They hardly even scratch the surface on the gospels as sources, whether reliable or otherwise.

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